Decorating Goes Droolworthy: Pet-friendly bedding, feeding, and furniture solutions!

In the United States alone, there are nearly 70 million pet pooches and almost 75 million kitty companions. We love sharing our homes with these adorable, loving, and loyal creatures, but sharing our homes with tacky and tasteless pet furniture? Not so much. Luckily, designers are finally taking into account that pet owners want furniture and accessories that seamlessly fit into our homes instead of sticking out like a sore thumb (err…paw).

Dog bed designed by JM Piers
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Dogs are notorious for finding the coziest spots in the house. Even if you don’t mind them staking their claim to a couch cushion or pillow, having a dog bed (or three) is a great way to encourage them to have their own resting space at floor level. Pet owners now have plentiful options for dog beds, from casual and simple to more ornate and posh (and perhaps even canopied). A dog bed in a vibrant hue offers a fun opportunity to bring a pop of color to the corner of a room.

Dog bed can be found here : Polyvore

For those who count felines as their furry favorites, some kitty-friendly furniture options can even be DIYed. This woven basket was hung on its side with a soft, buttery yellow blanket folded up to serve as a de facto bed. Or try one of these craftsman-made lounging and sleeping options in miniature by Japanese designer Okawa Kagu.

Ikea hack cat bed found on Row Nest House
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Or try one of these craftsman-made lounging and sleeping options in miniature by Japanese designer Okawa Kagu.
View the collection here : Okawa Kagu Modern Miniature Cat Furniture

Beyond where pets sleep, their feeding area of pets can be eyesores, not to mention the fact that to a little human crawling or toddling around, those food and water bowls look mighty enticing. Retractable bowls are a great solution: they slide out of sight when not needed and can be arranged to be the perfect, comfortable neck height for feeding fur babies. Keeping pet feeding essentials out of sight when not in use can be extended to other areas as well: a chest could be used for storing large bags of pet food, treats, and toys. In a client’s mudroom, a tall bibliotheque actually served as a dog kennel; we even drilled a hole in the side so the family’s cat could crawl in at night as well!

Pup & Kit Modern Dog Bed : Pup & Kit Etsy

Finally, one last necessity that tends to distract from a room’s design is a bulky, clumsy doggie or baby gate. Although these gates definitely serve a purpose for little ones with two or four legs, you can use a built-in dutch door or sliding door that fits within the style of your room. These gates are a great way for little ones to still see you, yet be safely contained in their own space.  For most of us, our pets are truly members of the family. While they may not be as vocal about their aesthetic tastes, it’s now easier than ever to find bedding, feeding, and living solutions for them that are comfortable, stylish, and droolworthy in both the literal and figurative sense!

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Photographer: Dominique Vorillon