An Interview with Richard Stone

Decorating with flowers and greenery is one of our favorite ways to change the mood and appearance of a home. The fall and winter holidays are an especially fun time to get creative by incorporating colors, textures, and scents that reflect the vibe of these annual festivities.

Since we are not all born knowing how to make our home look IG-worthy or Pinterest-perfect with flowers, we tapped the brilliant brain of Richard Stone of The Faux Real Co. for some of his personal tricks, tips, and floral favorites. With Richard’s helpful hints, you will have gorgeous arrangements and decorations in no time, which means you can devote your energy to spending it with friends and family (and all that holiday food).


Q: With the holidays approaching, what are some of the best ways to incorporate flowers and greenery into a longer-lasting decorating option?  

A: During the indoor winter months, heat can play havoc with fresh flowers and greenery.  Stick with the tried-and-true like boxwood, eucalyptus, and magnolia, which will continue looking good when they start to dry out.  Carnations unfortunately have a bad reputation, but they look beautiful when arranged in a mound or interspersed in a wreath or garland.  A favorite holiday classic of mine is the Hypericum for a touch of color.


Q: For people who don’t know a lot about flowers or design, it can be really intimidating to try and style an arrangement. Any simple solutions for beginners?

A: When in doubt, I recommend hydrangeas, which can be arranged “en masse” for a beautiful bouquet.  While I love their blooms, I usually arrange them in a container other than a glass vase to hide their erratic stems.  Since one or two in the bunch will die, it’s a good idea to buy a few extra to have replacement stems on hand.  Cut the base of the stem on an angle, and then clip a slit in the stem so they can drink plenty of water.