Ultra Violet - Pantone color of the year

Pantone’s Color of the Year last year was an eye-popping, lush green, and this year the company continued its trend of vivid and dramatic shades with its selection of Ultra Violet. At first glance, the rich, super saturated shade might not be our choice for a whole house makeover, but that’s the beauty of this kicky purple: its richness results in plenty of visual punch, even when sprinkled throughout the home with a measured hand.

A curated view of Ultra Violet by the Sara Hillery Interior Design Team

Purple has seen waves of popularity going back centuries. The hue has long been associated with royalty, partially as a result of the cost and rarity of the dye that was once used to create the color. Colors in this family are more versatile than they may appear, with a wide range of shades ranging from bold to airy to neutral. We’ve included another of Pantone’s 2018 colors, Pink Lavender, in the mood board for contrast. This paler shade softens the boldness of Ultra Violet and is more easily visually digested than its grape jelly-like color cousin.


Mixing, matching, and blending purples in your home can result in a pulled-together yet playful vibe. This chandelier from Louise Gaskill incorporates found, Mid-Century glass and bridges divides and designs in both color and time with a style that blurs the line between antiques and modern décor. We also love this chandelier’s southern roots-all of Louise’s pieces are made in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Both the gorgeous “Pearl River” pattern on the pillows and the “Vanderbilt Print” fabric of the mood board background belong to the Schumacher brand, a family-owned business since 1889. The pillows’ design originated in 1918, but it feels fresh and elegant, like having a piece of art you can rest against. Juxtaposing the lavender ziggurat Vanderbilt fabric with a more saturated shade would lend a harmonious, classic slant. It also serves as a surprisingly complementary contrast for floral patterns and prints.

As proof of purple’s versatility, we also included this Mid-century modern sofa designed by Paul McCobb. The simple lines highlight the color choice, while the understated design enables the sofa to stand the test of time and redecorating. This sofa even has a little secret: while it is is primarily upholstered in lux Maharam cotton, the side and the back are upholstered in vibrant, patterned cloth from the 1940s in India.