Introducing Sara Hillery Home

Sara Hillery Interior Design (SHID) is thrilled to announce the launch of a new fabric line, created with a deep love for Virginia and several of her defining elements. The collection, which draws heavily from what Sara calls the “wealth of culture” in her home state, includes three patterns in multiple colors (with more to come!).

While helping another design professional with her own fabric line, Sara realized that she wanted to create one herself, albeit with a local, familiar flair. The resulting collection is deeply personal and includes homage to animals that have also made Virginia home, a fundamental print inspired by a plant that’s been integral to Virginia’s history, and the funky kaleidoscope-like effect of combining various counties in Virginia. All of the designs are made on a cotton linen blend and are ideal for curtains, Roman shades, pillows, upholstered furniture, and more.

Virginia Mammals, a pattern that is currently being featured in Sara’s room at the 2018 Richmond Symphony Orchestra League Design House, was inspired by local mammalian species including the Virginia black bear, rabbit, deer, beaver and fox. Available in Blueberry, Mountain Mist, and Multicolored, this toile-like pattern is sweet for children’s rooms but classic enough for use in adult spaces such as a living room, study, or bedroom. We especially love the playful, multihued version for adding a bit of whimsy and intrigue: kids and adults will love pointing out the native animal species.

County Lines carefully turns the lines and shapes defining the cities and counties in Virginia into an ambitious design that initially appears to be an abstract composition of color blocks. Upon closer inspection, it is revealed that SHID includes the expertly drawn shapes of counties and cities, from Albemarle to York. With a design that radiates state pride but is not obviously apparent to passersby, County Lines is perfect for a home whose inhabitants wants to celebrate Virginia history in an innovative way. We also love the idea of sending this fabric off to family and friends who have moved away to keep a little bit of their love for Virginia alive. County Lines is available in more muted Autumn and brighter Spring versions.

Tobacco and its cultivation have been defining factors in Virginia’s history, and Southern Sprigs focuses on on the simple beauty of the plant’s leaves. The pattern was created using a hand-carved block with a resulting print that can take center stage in a room’s design or retain a subtler supportive role. Southern Sprigs’ more traditional pattern makes it incredibly versatile: we can’t wait to display the design on pillows throughout our home! Southern Sprigs is available in Coal, Harvest Gold, and Flint.

Request your own fabric swatches and order yards of this exciting new line here!