Our favorite 15-minute, kid-friendly trick for lasting, classy, seasonal décor!

The pressure to decorate for the holidays, whether it comes from a trip down the Pinterest rabbit hole or our desire to celebrate the seasonal magic with and for our little ones, comes on strong and long. After all, Halloween decorations start creeping up in stores and displays in July when we are basically still living in our bathing suits!

Seasonal decorating can be time-consuming and expensive, not to mention that neon orange and black may not jive with your painted-in-pastels abode or ultra modern home. Our favorite seasonal décor fix is less conventional, but it can last throughout multiple fall holidays and fit seamlessly into any color scheme and all it takes is a minimal amount of time and a little paint!


Purchase pumpkins in whatever quantity and size you desire and let your kiddos paint them in colors that match your home and the rooms in it. Or indulge in some paint therapy yourself! You can stick with a monochromatic theme, choose colors that complement those in the room, or even go for a display that incorporates subtle, gradual variations on a color scheme. Metallic colors offer a festive, yet classy look for tablescapes and entryways.

Some pumpkin varieties actually come in white, so you can also simply purchase those for decorating-no mess required. Or if you find velveteen or wooden pumpkins in a shade that matches other items in your display area, invest in a few: you’ll have classic fall decorations year after year. These blue and white beauties add a touch of tactile luxury to a display.

photo credit : brit.co • Follow @pumpkinandaprincess

Sometimes less really is more for holiday décor, and we don’t just mean visually. The less time you spend on lavish and fleeting decorations, the more time you have to create an awesome Halloween costume, sip apple cider, or play in the leaves with your family.

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