Our Curated List of Top Trends from High Point Market 2018

We’re officially back from High Point Market (the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world), and we’ve put together a list is the top trends we spotted in home decor!

1. Acrylic Frames
A unique and stylish way to display keepsakes, acrylic frames make a dramatic and surprisingly versatile statement. One large acrylic-framed piece of art can serve as a show stopping conversation piece, and we love it equally when this framing technique is used to showcase a series or set of smaller pieces, such as botanical prints or even more sculptural works. A clean and modern way to highlight art, acrylic frames can trend toward fresh and funky for an artsier, younger home or they can be dressed up for a more formal home. Without heavy and ornate frames, the space appears more airy and spacious and the art seems to “float” upon the wall.


2. Geometric Mohair and Velvet Pillows
An easy and playful way to punch up a neutral couch or chair, geometric throw pillows in luscious materials such as mohair or velvet geometric add a bright spot (and some cushy comfort) to any room. In cut velvet or applique, they’re everywhere these days and no wonder: the combo of sumptuous textures, the huge variety of colors and patterns, and their evergreen functionality makes these pillows instant favorite purchases when tossed around your home.

3. Fabulous Occasional Table
Occasional tables dutifully and quietly serve their purpose by holding any number of odds and ends, but the ones we spotted at High Point deserve some extra attention. Whether you go with a brass and natural agate table that will add instant glam to any space, a vividly patterned inlaid marble coffee table with a beautifully curved brass base, or a more minimalist and sleek drink table that features a brass top and a white marble base, these stand out tables have the power to transform a room into a hip, welcoming space.


4. Emerald Green Everything!
Maybe it’s this year’s long winter, but we’re craving luscious, vibrant green in our lives. Fortunately, we spotted plenty of emerald-hued items at the show to add richness and life to interiors. This saturated shade looks great on larger pieces of furniture, and it also makes a lovely accent color for details and home accessories.

Design By Highland House

5. Handmade Rugs
Gorgeous, handmade rugs never go out of style, but we fell for them hard during our High Point Market wanderings. Who could resist the craftsmanship, design, and sheer size of this stunner from Turkey? Handmade rugs are such a classic design element and true investment pieces that grow more beautiful as they age. In addition to serving underfoot in the typical areas of the home (such as dining, living, and bedrooms), we like to place them in unexpected spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.


Fell in love with this beauty from Turkey!



1. Lacquered Pendant Lights
Adding a pop of color and some subtle sheen, lacquered pendant lights are a fun alternative to the more typical metallic versions. As the color and shapes vary widely, the overall design effect is mutable: we found everything from diner chic options to a more geometric and modern style that would suit an office or even a design-forward playroom.

2. Sea Shells
Whether you live by the beach or not, chances are there’s an oceanside getaway that has your heart. To be reminded of your family’s times there, these designs are the answer and take the shell collection display up a notch or two. Coral, shells, and freshwater pearls make up a fantastic and striking chandelier-it looks like something that might hang in a mermaid’s palace! For a more subtle nod to gifts from the ocean, a variety of shells (including eye-catching turquoise limpets) are carefully and artistically arranged by hand to create a stunning mirror. You’ll smile each time you get a glimpse of your reflection framed by such natural beauty. As for this last shell display, it’s easily doable with whatever marine treasures you and yours have found.


3. Confit Pots
Confit pots have been used in France for several hundred years, and we’re regretting that we haven’t caught on to this trend sooner: French countryside chic never gets old. Functional as well as lovely on display, these typically two-toned vessels add a rustic yet refined appearance, especially to kitchens. The fact that, in a pinch, they can serve as containers to store small knickknacks left around the house? Genius, ma chérie.